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OnSight & Downer NZ - Case Study
Proximity APP
firebase, vue, googlecloud, flutter, dotnet, docker
By being proactive with Physical Distancing we can keep NZ businesses safe and still operational.

Date: April 2020

Technologies Utilised: vuejs, nodejs, flutter, google cloud, postgres, mqtt, bluetooth, docker, kubernetes


OnSight is a collaborative product of Lime Digital and Philo. From the monitoring of fridge temperatures, to the management of people on your site, OnSight has catered for a wide pool of businesses. Our team has experience working across many platforms and are experts in integration. Providing accurate information, on-the-go, is what our customers need and it’s what we deliver.


Downer NZ Proximity APP

Keeping people physically separated is crucial to the success of stopping the spread of Covid-19. But keeping people physically distanced comes at a huge cost to New Zealand business and its economy. By being proactive with Physical Distancing we can keep NZ businesses safe and still operational.

OnSight has built an app (Mobile Application) for Downer NZ that utilises Bluetooth technology to detect proximity to nearby mobile phones running the same APP (for the moment). Using this as the basis to remind staff of the importance of physical distancing. A useful side effect of this application is that this same data can be used for contact tracing. Our point of difference in this application is that we lead with keeping people apart, we take a proactive approach to Covid-19.

It operates by measuring radio signal strength (Bluetooth) to measure distance between your device and others. This measurement data is analysed on the device and eventually stored in the cloud, allowing on device alerting coupled with cloud based contact tracing.

By utilising cloud storage we can securely contact trace users for large enterprise and government departments while also securing personal information.

Registration to this service is optional and we do not collect unfettered data, only data of users who have registered and chose to be part of this collaboration