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Why add software services to your radio offering?

Your clients trust you to provide them with the right hardware to get the job done. Adding software services adds value to you and your clients.

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Adding value to your business

Traditionally your customers pay upfront for hardware and a monthly access to the network. Adding software to monthly subscriptions allows you to expand your service offering, enhance the functionality of the devices and create new opportunities for revenue

Adding value to your clients

Adding software to the communication hardware you supply provides your clients’ opportunities to enhance their business. Accurate data capture leads to actionable insights and clear visibility over operations leads to increased efficiencies

Why Lime Digital?

We develop digital solutions, and we do it well.

We understand radio and why your clients choose you for their mission-critical and businesscritical operations. We have developed asset management tools, visualisations of radio data and integration between radio technology and other business critical software.

No digital solution will be successful unless it is built with an understanding of the business context, and our discovery process means we get an in-depth understanding of the big picture.

Even the best solution won’t make a difference if it isn’t implemented properly and kept up to date. Our team can create branding, manuals, lead training, and provide ongoing support to make sure each solution keeps adding value.

Asset Management at Auckland Airport

Radio devices provide mission-critical support to operations at Auckland International Airport (AIAL). Knowing where radios are being used, and by who, is key to keeping business moving behind the scenes. Lime Digital developed NETiD, a bespoke asset management tool to keep track of this critical asset, streamlining daily operations and stocktake.

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